Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX has all the capabilities IP PBX complete with virtual office, the company needed for any level of business has no office space or located in remote regions, but wishing to automate business processes and organize telephone communications between offices and staff members with savings on phone calls to 80%.

Virtual PBX

This decision benefits that at the initial stage of business development does not require large investments to its prompt action in full telephone service to your office, such as multi-line phone for incoming calls, office PBX, tiered menu voicemail, fax server, a network of internal numbers for internal communications etc.

A staff member for incoming and outgoing calls enough to use the Internet connection (ADSL), a phone adapter (VoIP gateway), IP phone or set redirect incoming call or a normal cell phone.

The management of all services provided through friendly Web interface.

If necessary, at any time, the present configuration of virtual PBX can be transferred to physical IP PBX without any changes.