Orders turn-key

The wealth of opportunities IP PBX ASTERROID and services company ASTELNET allows us to easily solve a variety of tasks for corporate telephony and the establishment of various telephone services.

Using virtual IP PBX, we can quickly configure the layout of PBX according to your specific requirements, so you can test it with minimal cost - even terminal equipment (IP phone and VoIP gateway), we can give you for free testing.

We have years of experience with a variety of equipment, IP telephony and have a wide range of locks, phones, interface cards.

The company ASTELNET is the operator of communication and does not sell equipment and technical solutions, therefore, offer you only tried and tested in specific projects and technical software.

Openness CentOS, CallWeaver and IP PBX Manager allows you to integrate our IP PBX in a variety of information systems, complementing the usual standard configuration PBX those components essential to your specific objectives.