• This software package, which includes: operating system CentOS (the free version of Red Hat), Asterisk or CallWeaver performing the functions of PBX, management interface Thirdlane IP PBX Manager.

Voice menu IVR

  • This system previously recorded voice messages, served as the routing of calls within call-center, taking advantage of information entered via the client tone set.

Orders turn-key

  • The wealth of opportunities IP PBX ASTERROID and services company ASTELNET allows us to easily solve a variety of tasks for corporate telephony and the establishment of various telephone services.

Economical calls

  • To facilitate full testing IP PBX immediately after installation, you get an opportunity to make outgoing calls from your IP PBX telephone network through the company ASTELNET allowing your PBX link with the outside world.

Add modules PBX

  • In addition to IP PBX Manager on the website of your IP PBX ASTERROID you can find additional modules that facilitate life without administrator - viewing system as a whole (System Info) and specifically IP PBX (PBX Info), falling log analysis / outgoing calls, the visual appearance of many parameters functioning server (Munin) and others.


  • Telephone platform ASTERROID, combines powerful functionality advanced telephone exchange office and Contact Center (Call-center).

Virtual PBX

  • Virtual PBX has all the capabilities IP PBX complete with virtual office, the company needed for any level of business has no office space or located in remote regions, but wishing to automate business processes and organize telephone communications between offices and staff members with savings on phone calls to 80%.

Possibilities IP PBX

  • The integrated turnkey solution
  • Savings on telephone calls;
  • Scalability and fault tolerance;


  • built on new distribution CentOS 5.2;
  • contains several options chosen by splitting the disk while installing - automatic breakdown, automatic creation IDE / SATA / SCSI RAID (mirror), hand breakdown;
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