ASTERROID IP PBX supports auto-provisioning phones?

  • Yes, ASTERROID IP PBX can generate configuration files for subsequent auto-provisioning phones Aastra, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom, and Snom.

Is there a fast way to create multiple internal lines?

  • Yes, you can enter a list of users and their internal numbers to the table and use the «Mass Generation».


  • You can download ASTERROID IP PBX - a full distribution containing CentOS, Webmin, Thirdlane PBX Manager GUI, CallWeaver, Asterisk and additional useful software from our site, burn it to CD and install, following the simple installation procedure.

Can I change the configuration files created ASTERROID IP PBX?

  • You can change some parts of the configuration files, but you do not want this, since you can configure ASTERROID IP PBX to record new scripts or cloning and modifying scripts in ASTERROID IP PBX library scripts.

Can I install ASTERROID IP PBX on Windows?

  • No, the best option is the installation ASTERROID IP PBX on separate set of hardware, as the CD contains a Linux distribution, CallWeaver, Asterisk, Webmin and Thirdlane PBX Manager GUI.

It is Open Source?

  • ASTERROID IP PBX is not an Open Source, but unlike many other solutions based on Asterisk he keeps important part of public, which allow unlimited expansion and options.

What is ASTERROID IP PBX MTE (Multi-Tenant Edition)?

  • ASTERROID IP PBX MTE is a full Linux distribution, which includes Thirdlane PBX Manager MTE GUI, Webmin, CallWeaver, Asterisk and many other components to support multiple virtual PBX at the same equipment.


  • ASTERROID IP PBX is a full Linux distribution, which includes CallWeaver, Asterisk, Webmin and Thirdlane PBX Manager GUI.

Why you have named a product «ASTERROID» with two letters "R"?

  • We like to see it in the media. We felt that «ASTERROID» stands out and make the brand more memorable.


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