What you think about other hardware?

  • ASTERROID built on CentOS, which is itself based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What cards do you recommend for T1/E1 ASTERROID?

  • Each version ASTERROID tested with PCI cards OpenVox, Sangoma, Digium. We strongly encourage you to choose the card with hardware echo suppression.

Can I send / receive faxes with ASTERROID?

  • Officially it supports CallWeaver PBX and Asterisk 1.6-x on the protocol T38, all the mechanism for this is provided within the system.

Can I use RAID to make my system more reliable?

  • Yes, if you use two IDE or SATA a disk, at the initial stage of installation of system after a choice installed PBX press to create RAID 1 for used disks, the system configures RAID 1 (mirroring) on both drives.

What is necessary for installation of home or office system?

  • You should start ASTERROID on dedicated PC with minimum parameters: CPU 2.53 GHz, RAM 512 Mb, HDD 80 Gb.

What phones will work with ASTERROID?

  • Any SIP compatible phone from companies such as Aastra, Polycom, Linksys, SNOM, Cisco. You can also use analog phone, if you have a card with FXS ports, or can use the telephone adapter, servants bridge between SIP and analog telephone.

Can I use soft phone with ASTERROID?

  • Yes, supported by soft phones are Zoiper, X-Lite, SJPhone, and others working on a protocol SIP or IAX.

How can I make calls via the Internet through ASTERROID?

  • You will need a platform provider of Internet telephony services on a protocol or SIP IAX, such as OPTIROAM and many others.

How I can connect analog lines to ASTERROID?

  • You will need FXO interface, it can be map OpenVox c FXO module or VoIP gateway Linksys SPA3102, Linksys SPA400, Grandstream GXV4104, Mediatrix 1204.


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