Is there defined hardware that needs to be used with ASTERROID?

  • Hardware is crucial. Not all servers, cards , or phones , even if they described as “SIP-compatible" can be maintained ASTERROID.

If my Internet does not work, that with the virtual PBX?

  • Your system will continue to operate to accept incoming calls, forward calls, receive voice messages, to provide access to the conference, to accept fax messages, record telephone calls, everything will work as usual.

Do you backup virtual PBX?

  • Yes, date center ASTELNET gives for clients virtual PBX various services. Each change of a configuration that becomes for your system, initiates reserve copying of the configuration data in date the center.

Does the connection with the virtual PBX require an open port in our firewall?

  • 95% of the time: no. Because of the characteristics of outgoing communications, there is no need to open firewall ports or make any changes in your network. The only exception is a firewall setup with extraordinarily strict outbound rules.

Are my voice messages and recorded conversations in the virtual PBX, the same private?

  • Yes. Audio files stored only on your virtual PBX. Even if you decide to use ASTERROID web panel to listen to audio files, you just proxying them from its virtual PBX.

Will I have a user root access to my server ASTERROID?

  • Yes, you will be granted root access for server ASTERROID. We ask you to be careful and attentive, ASTERROID was created as a failure-safe product. But this product still remains a sensitive and delicate, even small changes in packages that you think is not significant, can cause devastating side effects.

Does ASTERROID link between remote branches?

  • Yes, ASTERROID (A) connects with another ASTERROID (B) through the trunk, then for each branch is set up its internal number plan, as a result, users ASTERROID (A) can call ASTERROID (B) different users simply dial the appropriate extension number.

Can I pay someone to help with configuration issues or problems?

  • Of course, all technical assistance services are produced on a fee basis, to do this, you can call us by phone listed top of the page or click on the link contacts to choose the best method of communication, for consultations on selecting a type of payment services and technical assistance.

How many users supported ASTERROID?

  • The question is set weekly - « how many users support ASTERROID? » Or « what should be big a server for support of 1000 users ».


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