IP PBX ASTERROID v 2.1 release 2011 year

1. Callweaver removed from the distribution - he almost 2 years not updated, and had lot of bugs. At the same time, T.38, because of which at one time was used Callweaver, now works steadily in Asterisk, and Asterisk 1.6/1.8 offer free fax-module with T.38. Respectively, now provide 2 options for installing - Asterisk 1.4.40 and Asterisk

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Multi-tenant Edition IP-PBX

Multi-tenant Edition

Complete Multi-Tenant IP PBX for hosted Asterisk and CallWeaver deployment - unlimited extensions (limited by hardware).

New version IP PBX ASTERROID v 1.9

  • ASTERROID produced a new version IP PBX ASTERROID v 1.9, in this version fixed a bug with the fall of the interface card when updating kermel.
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New kernel error network card

  • In connection with the become frequent cases of failures in work of network cards after updating kermel on newer version, on servers on which is established the stable release of software product IP PBX ASTERROID v 1.8, categorically it is not recommended to make updating of packages kermel.
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What are your support hours?

  • Standard Support: Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 18:00 Msk (06:00-15:00 GMT).

Which OS is required for to install IP PBX ASTERROID?

  • The server for the installation of IP PBX ASTERROID does not require pre-installing OS. ASTERROID installer automatically install CentOS (Linux) before installing software IP PBX ASTERROID.


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