How many users supported ASTERROID?

The question is set weekly - « how many users support ASTERROID? » Or « what should be big a server for support of 1000 users ».

Version ASTERROID Single-Tenant mainly intended for use at home or in the office, version ASTERROID Multi-Tenant server is designed for service providers offering virtual PBX, as well there are many factors influencing the number of supported users.

There are several very important factors that affect it. The answer to this question will not be based on how many users it is based on how many simultaneous calls and how these calls can be made. For a general rule you need to take that 1 ASTERROID server can serve up to 100 simultaneous calls.

  • For the average office uses 8-24 incoming lines, as a rule, any modern system with dual core CPU + 1Gb RAM.
  • For 24-48 incoming line must be dual core CPU ~ Xeon 2,0 GHz + 2 Gb RAM + SATA RAID 1 (RAID5 is slow).
  • For 48-100 incoming lines have dual core CPU ~ 2.8-3.0 GHz + 4 Gb RAM (more memory will not help) + SAS RAID1 or consider 2 servers on the incoming line 24-48.