What you think about other hardware?

ASTERROID built on CentOS, which is itself based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Older versions used ASTERROID CentOS 4.'s, The new versions ASTERROID use CentOS 5. X.

If you do not know, what version CentOS of yours ASTERROID, for it enter a command from the console:

  • cat /etc/redhat-release
  • She will tell you everything.
Red Hat has a list of equipment compatibility (HCL) for version 3, 4 and 5 here:

However, this list can not cover all possible devices. Google and Yandex is your helper in this. The basic rule is to use HCL or specific recommendations, of ASTERROID knowledge base, if you bought or you already have, it does not work then you have to do some research on the causes.