Economical calls

Economical calls Economical calls Economical calls Economical calls

Economical calls.

  • To facilitate full testing IP PBX immediately after installation, you get an opportunity to make outgoing calls from your IP PBX telephone network through the company ASTELNET allowing your PBX link with the outside world.

  • This account is a test, that is it provides an opportunity to call only to specific areas, which we define ourselves (Moscow, the countries of Western Europe, USA). The duration of the conversation limited to 30 seconds.

  • If you wish, you can register for the service, to resolve the issue with paying your outgoing calls, the acquisition of phone numbers for incoming communications, and continue to enjoy our services on a permanent basis.

  • Thus you have the opportunity to fully check the IP PBX in the SAME IMMEDIATELY after its installation free test making phone calls.

  • A unique feature of services is that you get free personal phone number with area code 420 (Czech Republic). Even if you do not need it for incoming connection, you can use it to organize CallBack or as a virtual fax to foreign partners.

  • The platform is a universal service and combines the services of IP phones and traditional phones calls through the access number with authorization by PIN or Caller ID, callback (traditional or caused through the site, sms, jabber), multi-phone number, diverts incoming calls to regular or mobile phone, voice mail, virtual fax, regular e-mail, Internet-based paging jabber, virtual IP PBX.

  • The management of all services provided through Web interface.

  • The payment for services can be made a wire transfer, credit card or via electronic payment.

  • Our system is open - you can redirect incoming calls from our system to its IP PBX or other VoIP network provider, set incoming numbers (DID) from other systems.

  • In addition to the traditional IP phones are supported video phones. To secure passage of faxes in the system supports the NSE and T38. Chance of receiving calls from the network Skype.

  • All outgoing calls we send exclusively on digital channels in the traditional telephony operators to first-class - no voip-Stock and doubtful "holes" with unpredictable quality.

  • Our system is strictly controlled passing Caller ID, - your subscribers will know exactly who he calls, and you'll see the real number the caller (to the numbers that we sell in Moscow, guaranteed to come from all correct Caller ID, PBX).

  • If you purchased from us a few numbers, you can choose the number that will be visible outwards.

Economical calls Economical calls