50 Extensions

ASTERROID IP-PBX Extensions 50

Complete software IP PBX - up to 50 user extensions. Asterisk and CallWeaver based IP PBX that is easy to install, manage and use. Includes Asterisk and CallWeaver, Webmin and ASTERROID PBX Manager web GUI. Supports an unlimited number of analog and digital trunk interfaces, the number of simultaneously active calls is only limited by hardware and available bandwidth. Includes management for: accounts bulk generation; SIP/IAX/other trunks; outbound/inbound dialing; office hours' based call handling rules; management of IP phones; mailboxes; multi level Auto Attendant; ACD and call queues; conference rooms; CallWeaver CLI; CDRs. Also includes User Portal with call forwarding, call screening and blocking, company directory and personal contacts, click-to-call, CDR and voicemail. Priced based on the number of user extensions. Software-only product that can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Packaged as an ISO CD image, based on CentOS Support can be purchased from ASTERROID or its resellers.

All the ASTERROID PBX components are installed automatically from the downloadable installation CD while still giving the user full access to the installed operating system an an ability to upgrade CallWeaver or other components as needed. In addition to the web based management and end-user configuration provided by PBX Manager, ASTERROID PBX offers additional tools for a fully automated auto-provisioning of supported phones. Components of ASTERROID PBX: ASTERROID PBX Manager is the web GUI for PBX administrators and end-users. It provides: - Management screens for system administrators and office staff responsible for day-to-day PBX management. - PBX Manager screenshots - User Portal for phone users to manage their own extensions. - Munin - an open-source, extensible monitoring tool configured to monitor system utilization, network traffic and PBX activity.