Added to download the updated ISO distribution ASTERROID v1.8
  • built on new distribution CentOS 5.2;
  • contains several options chosen by splitting the disk while installing - automatic breakdown, automatic creation IDE / SATA / SCSI RAID (mirror), hand breakdown;
  • provides automatic installation of Asterisk 1.4.21 (if you want compatibility with applications made under Asterisk) or CallWeaver 1.2 (if you want a stable work facsimile protocol T.38) of choice;
  • contains the latest version of PBX Manager (many new opportunities for avtokonfigurirovaniya phones / locks, trunk configuration Zaptel, visual management conferences, creating clusters of several telephone exchanges, etc.);
  • contains Thirdlane Dialer - a free program, established with ATS server computer on Windows-client; makes it possible to initiate calls from a computer directly from Microsoft Outlook or a separate utility that allows you to dial number are calling in a compact and transparent box, or choose a number from his own notebook (imported from Microsoft Outlook or from. csv file); beyond that can display data in the pop-up window with an incoming call - and AON Name of subscriber (if AON found in the address database Outlook);
  • server with Asterroid now fully updated via the Internet with standard tools yum or up2date (check the availability of new versions of the Linux operating system component and Asterroid, their loads and updates on the server client);
  • has fully Russian Web interface (as PBX Manager, and Webmin);
  • provides a basic set of Russian phrases recorded voice narrating (about 250 phrases);
  • installation automatically configured firewall (firewall) to enhance security server
  • provides customized trunk test for outgoing calls via the PBX with OPTIROAM (;
  • download ISO image from the site can be ASTERROID.COM
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