IP PBX ASTERROID v 2.1 release 2011 year

1. Callweaver removed from the distribution - he almost 2 years not updated, and had lot of bugs. At the same time, T.38, because of which at one time was used Callweaver, now works steadily in Asterisk, and Asterisk 1.6/1.8 offer free fax-module with T.38. Respectively, now provide 2 options for installing - Asterisk 1.4.40 and Asterisk

2. In the previous version 1.9 and 2.0 additional components, such as system monitoring Munin were on a separate web site and on a separate port, which created security problems and required a separate login and password. Now the management interface IP PBX runs over a secure SSL connection to HTTPS mode on the standard SSL port 443, and additional components are working directly from the management interface IP PBX and do not require a separate login and password.

3.By default is installed fail2ban, in iptables is installed filter protection sip friendly scanner.

a) fail2ban - a service that monitors for attempts guessing password to SSH, FTP, HTTP-services.

b) iptables - a service that fulfills the rules to filter traffic from the Internet to the LAN and from the LAN to the Internet, basic configuration contains only the necessary iptables rules for a work IP PBX.

c) sip friendly scanner - a service which blocks attempts brute force username and password to connect to a VoIP line.

4. To simplify the auto-configuration a VoIP equipment, in now services FTP, HTTP and TFTP uses the same directory. Access to files is only possible using the full name, which, for all types of devices must contain the MAC address, get index directory impossible in any case - accordingly it is safe.

5. Many small improvements in the management interface IP PBX in the last 2 years - in particular, can now be individually edit the "PickUp Group", also extended the formation of Huntlist.

6. This distribution is a stable version and contains all the necessary updates the OS Linux operating system and related components of the IP PBX from the beginning of 2011.

7. The cost of downloading the distribution, will be individually taken into account when ordering a permanent license in the company ASTELNET.

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